Lisa Miller 6/27/24 3:00 PM 8 min read

5 Features that Flatter Any Outdoor Living Space

As manufacturers and distributors of natural stone, we have the privilege of seeing a wide range of incredible home improvement projects. The projects with ample space and a full range of amenities set the bar high in terms of design, creativity, and luxury, however, you do not need a large space to create a beautiful, functional outdoor living space! Some of the most inspired features can be achieved in smaller spaces, too, with imagination, efficient designs, and skilled craftsmanship. Here are 5 popular outdoor living features we're seeing more of, that you can incorporate to transform spaces and leisure time.

CT Blend Roughly Squares & Rectangles Firepit and Accent/Seating WallCT Blend Roughly Squares & Rectangles Firepit and Wall featuring the talents of Landscapes by Aurelindo.


A flexible option for casual outdoor fun, firepits are generally easy to install and require less space than traditional outdoor fireplaces. They can also be free-standing, offering an attractive option for a variety of settings and different-sized spaces. The circular design is optimal for social gatherings, creating room for everyone to enjoy the ambiance and warmth, connecting through conversation and cooking activities. For more on differentiating a firepit from a fireplace, and finding your best fit, read this blog post

Seating Walls 

With or without an accompanying fire feature, seating walls are a beautiful way to accent outdoor living spaces and/or landscape designs, while providing a convenient space to relax or socialize. As you can see in the photo above of the firepit and seating wall, the wall multitasks by adding definition and charm to the firepit area along with anytime seating without having to move furniture. (It also looks beautiful--and dries quickly and easily after it rains!)  

Small Patios 

Patios are a space to gather, enjoy the outdoors, and connect with nature. A smaller, more intimate space has its appeal, and there are many opportunities to create small patios around otherwise unused space. Whether it's a transition point between indoors and outdoors, a cozy edge of the property with a peaceful view, or a garden area (pictured below).

Small Liberty Hill Flagstone Patio, Soake Pool, and landscape design. Soake Pool with a Liberty Hill Sawn Flagstone Patio Surround masterfully installed by Redmond Design Group.

Soake Pools 

Space requirements can limit pool installation and leave many people longing for one of summer's best forms of entertainment. Soake Pools combines the best features of a pool and a hot tub with customizable options and high-quality materials. They also accommodate spaces traditional pools can't (with less wait time and more overall convenience.) To learn more about Soake Pools, and previous collaborations with natural stone, read this blog post

Landscape Upgrades 

Last but not least, adding some special landscape details goes a long way to creating an elegant and leisurely outdoor living atmosphere. Garden paths and pavers can help break up large areas of hardscape. Flagstone walkways add natural beauty and are a durable option for outdoor spaces that experience all four seasons while enhancing the connection to nature and the overall atmosphere. 

Outdoor living spaces that inspire, and encourage disconnecting from the daily demands and reconnecting with nature, self, and one another, are a valuable and worthy investment in the home. No matter the size or layout of the available space, incorporating the features that offer the most enjoyment and fit with the family lifestyle adds quality to life, as well as value to the property! For more natural stone inspiration, download "27 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Using Natural Stone." 


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