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Noah Dempsey 3/31/21 10:55 AM 8 min read

Featured Project: Connecticut Castle Home

Among the many characteristics of natural stone one of the main draws is how each piece is completely unique. It is one of the premier building materials for any project looking for a custom one of a kind design. While no two projects will be identical for this reason the consistent color ranges and patterns allow for projects to be inspired by an existing natural stone feature. For some projects, like the one featured here, individuality was taken to a new level.

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Greenwich Blue Castle Complete Entryway & Dining Room

If this captivating new home build achieved anything, at the base level this build is consistent. The Greenwich Blue Square and Rectangle stone chosen for this project was needed for the following applications...

  • The complete home exterior
  • Interior entryway
  • Dining Room Interior Walls
  • Interior Fireplace

When choosing a stone for a project as extensive as this uniformity is of the utmost importance and the consistent color range of the Greenwich Blue Collection allowed this stone to mirror itself throughout the interior and exterior applications. Let's break down the different components of this home.

Exterior Siding

Greenwich Blue Castle Home Exterior

Front Exterior of Greenwich Blue Castle Home

When building a castle home, small is not a word that is commonly used. This home was built at the end of a 200-yard driveway and sits on a mountaintop. As seen in the pictures above and below the only open space not covered with stone is the roof and windows. The amount of stonework involved took a team of highly skilled individuals to complete. The impressive size of this home is positively compounded by the impact of the stone.

Greenwich Blue Castle Home Exterior

Back Exterior of Greenwich Blue Castle Home


Greenwich Blue Castle Home Entryway

Stone On Interior Hallway

If the video at the top of the page is not enough to showcase how stunning the entryway is the attention to detail in this picture is important to note. The stone alongside wood continues to be a dominant combination even in very small capacities. Also pictured above is one of the only times this home breaks character by using electric candles to light up the hallway.  

The Dining Room

Greenwich Blue Castle Home Dining Room

Dining Room of Castle Home Project

The dining room of this home deserves its own feature. The details of this room were carefully thought out and it is one of the staple spaces in this home. It's not often that all of the walls in a singular room are covered in stone veneer but this interior design was executed to perfection. The layout is practical and functional while also being one of the most inspirational parts of the build. The natural light also helps brighten up what would otherwise be an ominous space.


Greenwich Blue Castle Home Fireplace

Greenwich Blue Fireplace

There's no surprise when seeing this fireplace that it is another beautifully executed feature. Like the rest of the aspects of this home, this fireplace was created with the overall scheme of the home in mind. Again functionality and style were blended perfectly with the consistent use of the stone for the wood storage space and hearth. A stunning feature to cap off an impressive home build.

This home took the idea of a unique home design to a new level with the design and extensive use of stone throughout the entire build. The unique characteristics of natural stone can create a positive impact on any project regardless of size. Thank you to our Authorized Dealer Harkens Landscape Supply & Garden Center for working closely with us, the builder, and the homeowner to make this project possible.

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