Noah Dempsey 4/21/20 10:30 AM 9 min read

Stone Feature: Fieldstone Veneer

Every year masons, contractors and architects are responsible for creating beautiful masterpieces using natural stone veneer. Most of the Natural Stone used in these projects is supplied through quarries, but some are pulled right from the fields of New York, New England and Pennsylvania. This stone is rightfully referred to as Fieldstone Veneer.

New England Fieldstone Veneer

Old New England Wall Natural Stone Siding

Fieldstone Veneer is natural stone that is sourced from these fields in multiple shapes and colors. Being outside in the elements provides the stones with unique weathering patterns which is natural colorization of the stone. We offer two types of fieldstone veneer products:

New England Fieldstone

Fieldstone Dark (Pennsylvania Fieldstone)


New England Fieldstone

Old New England Rounds Natural Stone Wall and Fire Pit

Old New England Rounds Stone Wall and Fire Pit

One category of fieldstone veneer we offer is New England Fieldstone which includes Old New England Rounds, Old New England Wall and Split Fieldstone. This category has a color range of earth tones including brown, tan ,cream and grey. The wall and fire pit above is made with Old New England Rounds and displays the entire color range of earth tones. The picture at the top of the page and this one below from this new home construction are made with Old New England Wall in a Square and Rectangle pattern. This stone shows an even wider color range which displays the light cream colors and also includes black as well. Split Fieldstone veneer is special because it is the inside colors that appear after splitting Old New England Wall. The Split Fieldstone veneer siding below shows a color range which includes an extensive amount of colors from darker grey hues to rust browns. The Split Fieldstone veneer provides a project with a whole new level of individuality.

Old New England Wall Natural Stone Siding

Old New England Wall Siding

Split Fieldstone Mosaic Natural Stone Siding

Split Fieldstone Mosaic Siding

Fieldstone Dark (Pennsylvania Fieldstone)

Fieldstone Dark Ledge Natural Stone Fireplace

Fieldstone Dark Ledge/Ashlar Fireplace

The other fieldstone veneer category includes Fieldstone Dark sometimes referred to as Pennsylvania Fieldstone. The Fieldstone Dark is mostly blue and brown with tans and cream mixed in. As you can see from this Fieldstone Dark Ledge/Ashlar Fireplace recently featured in another blog this stone can provide a distinct look for any project. Another project that called upon Fieldstone Dark is this home below that is wrapped in Fieldstone Dark Square and Rectangle. Named the Inhabitable Work of Art this new home build perfectly showcases the versatility of Fieldstone Dark for use on a chimney, risers and siding. Fieldstone Dark Square and Rectangle Natural Stone

Fieldstone Dark Square and Rectangle

These New England and Pennsylvania Fieldstone projects are a great display of the wide variety of colors and shapes associated with fieldstone veneer and why it can fit any project. To learn more about the differences and color ranges go read this blog that further explains Pennsylvania Fieldstone. Fill out a comment form below to learn how to receive samples or get any questions regarding Fieldstone Veneer answered.