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What The Differences In Full Bed and Thin Stone Veneer Mean For Your Project

10/26/20 5:00 PM / by Noah Dempsey posted in education, Full Bed, Full Bed Veneer, Installation, Natural Stone Veneer, Resources, Stone, Stone Mason, Stone Shapes, Thin Stone, Thin Stone Veneer, Thinstone Veneer, natural stone education, Building Material Data, Sustainable Products, sustainable

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When starting a natural stone veneer project the first step is to pick between full bed or thin stone veneer. The differences in these two options can alter the project in a few ways. Although choosing between these two veneer options is often decided by which veneer the mason or contractor prefers working with, it's important to be informed about what the choice means.Thin stone veneer full bed veneer height difference

Top: Thin Stone Veneer Thickness Bottom: Full Bed Veneer Thickness

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Knowing The Difference Between Stone Face and End Grain

7/24/20 10:30 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in education, Full Bed Veneer, Ledgestone Veneer, Natural Stone Veneer, Resources, Stone Patterns, Stone Shapes, Thinstone Veneer, natural stone education, stone wall, Square & Rec

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When using natural stone veneer, the amount of options available can be slightly overwhelming. Deciphering between different colors, patterns, and sizes can be a challenging process even for experienced members of the natural stone industry. To further your education on natural stone, this article is going to explain a key difference in the common patterns found throughout the United States. Some patterns utilize the face of the stone (stone face) and some are made from the inside of the stone (end grain).

Stone face compared to end grain

Greenwich Blue Strip (Stone Face)(Top) Greenwich Blue Ashlar (End Grain)(Below)
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5 Ways to Prepare for an Exterior Design Project

5/12/20 10:30 AM / by Guest Author posted in Home Improvement, Landscape Design, Outdoor Design, Resources, Outdoor Living, Exterior Design

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Getting ready to make an upgrade to your home exterior can make for an exciting process. It’s always a thrill to update and improve your home, both because it gives you an opportunity to make it more your own, and because you likely stand to increase your property value. At the same time however, this process has to be gone about carefully. You’ll want to be absolutely sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, that you can afford the upgrades, and that the end results will give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. 

Connecticut Blend Ledge Natural Stone Facade

Hot Tub with CT Blend Ledge Facade   

To help ensure you check all of those boxes, read on for our tips on how to prepare for a project of this nature.

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COVID-19 Update: Leading by Supporting

4/17/20 12:51 PM / by Mike Wolfe posted in education, Resources


As we all work together to stay healthy and fight through the COVID-19 Pandemic we continue our mission to be the industry leader in customer service. This includes our Operations & Production Teams working under new guidelines to fulfill orders, as well as our entire team making the commitment to support our Authorized Dealers and their customers how ever possible.

COVID-19 Postings (1)

We Continue to Post COVID-19 Signage Throughout Our Facility

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Trending: Custom Blend Natural Stone Veneer

11/14/18 12:04 PM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Remodeling, Resources, Unique Products, Home Renovations, Commercial Projects, Home Decor, Custom Blend

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We have written several articles on what's trending in natural stone and as we head into 2019 it's likely we will see this one continue: Custom Blends. As homeowners and project managers look for more ways to be unique, custom blends are a growing trend. 

Custom Montauk Blend

A Custom Montauk Blend Strip, Mosaic, and Ledge

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