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4 Inspirational Natural Stone Chimneys

6/19/20 12:00 PM / by Noah Dempsey posted in CT Blend, Fieldstone Dark, Fireplace, Inspiration, Masonry, Natural Stone Veneer, New England Rounds, New England Fieldstone, Residential Projects, Rustic Design, CT Fieldstone, Design Inspiration, Product Catalog, PA Fieldstone, Exterior Design


When deciding on a natural stone feature it's crucial to take all aspects of the work into consideration. This is especially true for fireplace features with beautiful natural stone chimneys that stand out on the exterior of the home. Here’s four inspirational natural stone chimney designs that are important exterior stone features. 

CT Blend natural stone chimney

Connecticut Blend Square and Rec Chimney and Siding.

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Is Your Business Prepared for the Fall Rush?

9/9/19 4:57 PM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Business, Masonry, Remodeling, Architecture, Mason Supply Yard, Home Renovations, Authorized Dealers


It happens every year... the Fall Rush. Labor Day arrives, the kids go back to school, and everyone wants to get their projects in before the holiday season. As we see an increase in orders and lead times creep up we wanted to share some best practices to help you succeed during this busy time of year. 

Panoramic View 3

Panoramic View of Our Operations

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5 Reasons to Work With An Authorized Dealer

3/7/18 11:59 AM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Delgado Stone Dealers, Masonry, Stone Veneer


We get more calls from people asking to buy direct than you can imagine. Our Customer Experience Team is always happy to help but in the end we ask for their zip code so we can direct them to one of our Authorized Dealers. As more of our competitors shift towards a “direct” model (B2C) we’re focused on developing relationships with the right partners.

Delgado Stone Dealer Display

A Display Setup by an Authorized Dealer

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How to Install Natural Thinstone Veneer

9/24/16 10:52 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in Installation, Masonry, Natural Stone, Thin Stone, Thinstone

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The majority of masons and contractors know how to install natural thinstone veneers but if it’s your first time or you are a homeowner, you may have some concerns. People hear the words “natural stone” and think it’s a heavy and complicated process. While we often recommend working with a mason or contractor there are some brave enough to attempt this on their own. This article is for you.

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3 Great Marketing Tips for Stone Masons

9/10/16 9:43 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in Marketing, Masonry, Natural Stone, Stone Mason


It’s a difficult time to be a natural stone mason. Like any skilled labor, it is a very competitive industry and will continue to be more challenging as technology, product improvements, and Do It Yourself’ers drive the price down. The truth is that a great stone mason can turn the most ordinary project into a work of art while an average or poor mason can ruin your vision and cost you a lot of money.

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