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How To Select The Right Stone Veneer for Your Home

3/9/20 10:30 AM / by Guest Author posted in education, Guest Post, Natural Stone, new home, Black Ash, Design Ideas


There are many challenges that come with choosing the perfect stone veneer when it's one of your design elements. For me, there is a great deal of stress associated with choosing stone because it’s not something you can easily change after the decision has been made and the stone has been laid. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new build, or picking a stone that needs to match an existing space, the process can be stressful either way. After recently completing our home I was excited to share my experience and tips to help you select the stone for your project!

New Home on Long Island

Welcome Home! Picture of the Front Porch After The Move In

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Why Stone is Ideal For All Climates

8/13/18 9:09 AM / by Guest Author posted in Guest Post, Real Stone Veneer, Stone Veneer, Residential Projects, Holly Welles, Estate Update


 The warm, welcoming look of a stone or partial stone exterior is classic enough to withstand the test of time. You might wonder if stone works well in different climates — and the short answer is yes — but let’s look at this question a little more in-depth.

Stone is most common in the south and central western states, but it adds an elegant touch in any climate.

Stone Exteriors

A mix of Strip, Mosaic, and Ledge, Montauk Blend to Create This Beautiful Exterior

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Tips for Nailing a Rustic Interior Makeover

7/10/18 8:57 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in Guest Post, Interior Design, Rustic Design


An interior makeover in a rustic style can be a truly evocative decision for any homeowner. Not only will it satisfy some of the most primal yearnings of guests and residents — desires of comfort, protection, and security — but it can also be a pleasant emotional journey for the decorator too. Before looking at fabric swatches or pulling out books of paint samples, consider the following tips to nail the perfect style.

Rustic Interior Design

Sterling Tan Roughly Square & Rec Fireplace

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How to Design a Patio on a Budget

8/28/17 9:14 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in Guest Post, Home Improvement, Homeowners, Landscape, Landscape Architecture, Natural Stone, Outdoor Design, Patio, Stone, Thinstone Veneer


A well-designed patio adds value to your home in more ways than one. Going the whole nine yards in setting up your patio, however, can get expensive. The cost of the finest patio furniture and materials can easily run up to thousands of dollars. You can still achieve amazing patio designs on a budget though. Here are some ideas that may help you achieve just that.

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How to Create Shade in Your Garden

7/31/17 3:42 PM / by DelgadoStone posted in Gardening, Guest Post, Landscape, Landscaping


The last trip I made to a colleague of mine gave me a clear picture on how a garden can be sculpted to a space of undisturbed relaxation away from the indoors. On a cool day, it is the ultimate place to get some fresh air, but in the heat of summer, even a lavishly manicured yard could get uncomfortable. It is in times like this that you would consider creating shade in your garden. Here are some useful ideas on how to keep the sun away while you relax in the green area:

Garden Landscaping


There are millions of plants known for providing shade in the garden but research is mandatory as some species only thrive in certain conditions. Small shrubs are excellent for providing shade in walkways but they should not be too short. Vines may be trained over arbors to provide shade and exceptional beauty.

Timber Structures

Timber structures have been preferred for providing garden shade since time immemorial. They are available in different shapes and styles, offering a private space for you to recluse away from the sweltering hot sun.

Fabric Canopy

If such a permanent solution isn’t ideal for you, consider a simple fabric canopy to bring the shade when needed. There are varieties of outdoor fabrics that are strain-resistant, waterproof and fade-resistant to match each homeowner’s needs. For an ideal fabric for sun awnings, Phoenix experts recommend those that are strong enough to withstand external elements. If fabrics aren’t ideal for your lifestyle, consider awning to bring shade in specific parts of your garden.


In the yard, you can go bigger with trees like crape myrtle, and Catalina ironwood, which have dense foliage and reaching branches. Trees may be planted in the middle of a garden to maximize the effect or next to the patio if you intend to shade specific areas. It is advisable to pay attention to root zones to avoid damage to nearby plants and structures. Mixing plants is a great way of creating contrast and achieving shade pockets in specific areas.


This is an excellent choice for those seeking shelter without compromising scents, cool breezes, and other outdoor pleasures. There are countless options available that can easily blend with your home’s decor. Posts for this purpose must be sturdy and termite resistant. Ideally, parasols should be anchored to a patio or sunk into concrete for guaranteed stability.

Landscape professionals agree on combining different methods to achieve much-needed results in a garden. Having trees doesn’t mean you cannot add a parasol or fabric canopy to a corner in the garden. In fact, combining mediums is the most creative way to add shade and accentuate the outdoors.


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