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Lisa Miller 4/18/24 2:00 PM 7 min read

A Perfect Pair: Delgado Stone and Soake Pools Redefine Outdoor Luxury

Pools transform backyards into the ultimate summertime destinations, and maximize ...
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Lisa Miller 4/10/24 8:30 PM 7 min read

3 Projects Featuring the Colonial Tan Collection

Natural stone is valued for its durability and timeless elegance--and has many options ...
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Lisa Miller 3/13/24 11:00 AM 4 min read

Discover Spring Trends at the Northeast Hardscape Expo (CT)

The Delgado Stone team is excited to welcome spring at the Northeast Hardscape Expo (NHE) ...
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Lisa Miller 3/7/24 3:00 PM 5 min read

Outdoor Spaces Enhanced by the Fieldstone Dark Collection

Choosing the right natural stone collection is one of the most important aspects of a ...
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Lisa Miller 3/4/24 4:30 PM 5 min read

Elevate Your Pool Design with Waterfalls (and Natural Stone)

Water has an innate abililty to enhance any outdoor space--and adding a waterfall to a ...
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Lisa Miller 2/22/24 12:30 PM 5 min read

3 Ways to Enhance Your Firepit Using Natural Stone

Firepits transform backyards into social destinations: they make casual gatherings more ...
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Lisa Miller 1/26/24 10:00 AM 5 min read

3 Exterior Projects that Showcase the Sterling Tan Collection

Natural stone adds character to any space with different textures, color variations, and ...
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Lisa Miller 1/3/24 1:00 PM 4 min read

Spring Toward Outdoor Living (at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show)

With the holiday season behind us and winter settling in, it's a great time to dream ...
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Lisa Miller 12/7/23 11:00 AM 6 min read

3 Stone Veneer Collections That Complement Bluestone

The variety and versatility of natural stone are two of its best attributes and offer ...
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Lisa Miller 11/9/23 9:15 PM 7 min read

Fitzwilliam Granite: 1 Stone Collection in 3 Different Products

Unique textures and patterns combined with durability and sustainability make natural ...
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Lisa Miller 11/2/23 7:30 PM 12 min read

Natural Stone: Where Our Collections Originate

We often share inside views of the natural stone veneer manufacturing process from our ...
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Noah Dempsey 11/2/23 4:17 PM 6 min read

The Delgado Difference: Making Stone Selection Easier

Choosing the right natural stone collection for your project doesn't have to be a ...
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