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Three Common Applications For Adding Stone On A House

10/7/20 9:00 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in Homeowners, Installation, Outdoor Design, Thin Stone Veneer, Thinstone Veneer, Stone siding, modern design, Residential Projects, Square & Rec, home design, Home Renovations, Home Decor, new home, Sustainable Products, Design Trends, Exterior Design, Design Ideas


Using natural stone in any capacity can make a sizeable impact on the exterior design of any new or existing home. Stone has often been used for exterior home design projects not only for the appeal it brings but it's longevity throughout different climates. There are many ways to include natural stone in a exterior home project. Here we detailed three of the most common applications.

Greenwich Blue natural stone siding

Greenwich Blue Squares and Rectangles Siding

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4 Outdoor Stone Veneer Projects To Add To Your Home This Fall

10/1/20 10:00 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in CT Blend, Home Improvement, Inspiration, Natural Stone Veneer, Outdoor Design, Outdoor Stone Designs, Thin Stone, Veneer Fireplace, Thinstone Veneer, Residential Projects, Design Inspiration, Outdoor Living, Hardscape, Exterior Design, Design Ideas


If you’re reading this from the Northeast, Midwest or Canada you are well aware of the following fact: Winter Is Coming. This time of year the air starts to cool and the leaves start to turn, a telltale sign of winter being on the horizon. These next few months of weather are the most precious time of the year and it’s important to spend it wisely. We suggest getting together with friends and family (safely, of course) and spending time around an outdoor stone veneer feature .

Old New England Rounds Outdoor Stone Veneer Fireplace

Old New England Rounds Fireplace

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Three Projects That Utilized Custom Stone Blends

9/15/20 10:30 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in Full Bed, Full Bed Veneer, Home Improvement, Stone, Thin Stone, Thinstone, Interior Design, Thinstone Veneer, Stone siding, Residential Projects, NY Blend, Square & Rec, Unique Products, Home Renovations, Home Decor, Design Inspiration, Exterior Design, Design Ideas


In the natural stone industry unique is a word that is commonly used to describe the one of a kind aspects of each piece of stone. One of the main draws to choosing natural stone is even if the same stone is used in the same application as another project they will have different characteristics side by side. Although this is the case, in an ever-changing industry using just one stone doesn't always satisfy some projects looking for an elevated level of individuality. These three projects showcase successful projects that utilized a custom stone blend.

Black Ash and Liberty Hill Natural Stone Siding

Liberty Hill & Black Ash Full Bed Stone Siding

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Benefits Of Choosing The Mosaic Stone Pattern

9/4/20 10:00 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in education, Natural Stone Veneer, Outdoor Design, Stone, Thin Stone, Thinstone, Real Stone Veneer, Residential Projects, Nutmeg Ridge, Design Ideas


When planning for a natural stone feature choosing a pattern is typically looked at as a style decision. However it is also a cost, ease of installation and time management decision as well. CT Blend Mosaic fireplace

CT Blend Mosaic Fireplace by Patrick Huston Masonry (NH)

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Three Projects That Showcase The Versatility Of Natural Stone

8/28/20 10:30 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in Home Improvement, Inspiration, Outdoor Design, Thin Stone Veneer, Trending, Building Materials, modern design, Residential Projects, Unique Products, Design Inspiration, New Products, Hardscape, Exterior Design, Design Ideas


We are always anticipating and preparing for different applications of natural stone. With the introduction of our Saw Shop this year we’ve been able to create more products to  contribute to unique projects such as this walkway, this patio and others. The versatility of natural stone has been on full display this year and these three projects showcase that.


Old New England Rounds Walkway

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