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What The Differences In Full Bed and Thin Stone Veneer Mean For Your Project

10/26/20 5:00 PM / by Noah Dempsey posted in education, Full Bed, Full Bed Veneer, Installation, Natural Stone Veneer, Resources, Stone, Stone Mason, Stone Shapes, Thin Stone, Thin Stone Veneer, Thinstone Veneer, natural stone education, Building Material Data, Sustainable Products, sustainable

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When starting a natural stone veneer project the first step is to pick between full bed or thin stone veneer. The differences in these two options can alter the project in a few ways. Although choosing between these two veneer options is often decided by which veneer the mason or contractor prefers working with, it's important to be informed about what the choice means.Thin stone veneer full bed veneer height difference

Top: Thin Stone Veneer Thickness Bottom: Full Bed Veneer Thickness

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Three Projects That Utilized Custom Stone Blends

9/15/20 10:30 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in Full Bed, Full Bed Veneer, Home Improvement, Stone, Thin Stone, Thinstone, Interior Design, Thinstone Veneer, Stone siding, Residential Projects, NY Blend, Square & Rec, Unique Products, Home Renovations, Home Decor, Design Inspiration, Exterior Design, Design Ideas


In the natural stone industry unique is a word that is commonly used to describe the one of a kind aspects of each piece of stone. One of the main draws to choosing natural stone is even if the same stone is used in the same application as another project they will have different characteristics side by side. Although this is the case, in an ever-changing industry using just one stone doesn't always satisfy some projects looking for an elevated level of individuality. These three projects showcase successful projects that utilized a custom stone blend.

Black Ash and Liberty Hill Natural Stone Siding

Liberty Hill & Black Ash Full Bed Stone Siding

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Knowing The Difference Between Stone Face and End Grain

7/24/20 10:30 AM / by Noah Dempsey posted in education, Full Bed Veneer, Ledgestone Veneer, Natural Stone Veneer, Resources, Stone Patterns, Stone Shapes, Thinstone Veneer, natural stone education, stone wall, Square & Rec

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When using natural stone veneer, the amount of options available can be slightly overwhelming. Deciphering between different colors, patterns, and sizes can be a challenging process even for experienced members of the natural stone industry. To further your education on natural stone, this article is going to explain a key difference in the common patterns found throughout the United States. Some patterns utilize the face of the stone (stone face) and some are made from the inside of the stone (end grain).

Stone face compared to end grain

Greenwich Blue Strip (Stone Face)(Top) Greenwich Blue Ashlar (End Grain)(Below)
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Natural Thin Stone Veneer v. Full Bed Veneer - What's the Difference?

9/2/16 2:41 PM / by DelgadoStone posted in Full Bed, Full Bed Veneer, Natural Stone, Thin Stone, Thin Stone Veneer

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A common question we receive is “what is the difference between Full Bed Veneer and Thin Stone Veneer”? We’re fortunate enough to create both Full Bed and Thin Stone here and while thin stone is more popular, there are those who prefer the full bed veneer for their project.

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