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Can You Put Stone Veneer Over Brick?

7/24/18 9:04 AM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Veneer, Thinstone Veneer, Building Materials, Stone siding, brick


One of the most common questions we receive is about putting stone veneer over brick. Occasionally this pertains to an exterior project but in most cases it has to do with the redesign of a stone fireplace. Natural stone veneer has made it possible to go from the traditional "red brick" look to something unique. It allows for color and creativity of the project owner and with so many options, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Veneer Over Brick

CT Blend Ledgestone Veneer (right) Over Original Brick Fireplace (left)

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What Is New England Fieldstone Veneer?

9/16/17 1:09 PM / by DelgadoStone posted in Fieldstone Veneer, Natural Stone, New England Rounds, Veneer, New England Fieldstone


If you are in the real stone veneer world you have been part of a conversation regarding “New England Fieldstone” or “CT Fieldstone” veneer. When people look at a fieldstone product versus a quarried stone they always ask: what’s the difference?

The simple answer is that a fieldstone is harvested from a field while a quarried stone is sourced from a quarry. New England Fieldstone is named because it is harvested from open fields and farms throughout New England. You may see some of it on a road trip in as a wall while others are scattered over acres of empty fields. Unlike a quarried stone, you can’t “dig” or “blast” for more fieldstone. Once the field has been harvested, that stone is gone. Forever.


Governors Island Homes
Old New England Rounds on Governors Island (New Hampshire). Work done by Stonehenge Masonry.
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5 Advantages of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

8/26/16 9:44 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in Natural Stone, Thin Stone, Thin Stone Veneer, Veneer


Natural or man-made… that is the question? Whether you’re a homeowner looking to renovate part of your house or a commercial contractor designing the the lobby of an apartment building, the decision must be made on whether or not you will use natural thin stone or faux stone.

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What Is Thin Stone Veneer?

7/29/16 12:46 PM / by DelgadoStone posted in Thin Stone, Thin Stone Veneer, Veneer

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You may not be familiar with “thin stone veneer”, but there is a good chance you have come across it at some point. At first glance, you may have seen it used for a fireplace or chimney. Now, it’s common to see the interior or exterior of both residential and commercial structures using thin stone veneer during construction.

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Thin Stone Veneer- What Style Is Right for My Project?

7/14/16 1:57 PM / by DelgadoStone posted in Inspiration, Thin Stone, Veneer


Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, selecting the right thin stone veneer can seem overwhelming. With so many products and and styles, you could go on for days trying to decide what you’re going to use. It is, after all, something that will last you a long time if done properly.

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