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Faux Stone Veneer v. Real Stone: What's The Difference?

2/17/19 2:37 PM / by Mike Wolfe posted in Natural Stone Veneer, faux stone, manufactured stone, Natural Stone, natural stone education


One of the most common questions we receive has to do with the difference in faux stone veneer and real stone veneer. Faux stone has many names: cultured, manufactured, fake, and artificial are a few that come to mind. It can often be confusing for the first time buyer of these products to determine if they are looking at a real or natural stone product or something that is manufactured. 

Faux StoneSpruce Mountain House

Can you spot the difference between real and fake stone veneer?

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Fieldstone v. Split Fieldstone: What's The Difference?

12/27/18 3:01 PM / by DelgadoStone posted in New England Fieldstone, Fieldstone Veneer, split fieldstone, Old New England Wall, CT Fieldstone, natural stone education


One of the most popular stone veneer products is fieldstone. In New England, the fieldstone is weathered and primarily brown, tan, and grey in color, known as "Earth Tones". When originally harvested and used for walls or homes, this stone was often split to make it easier to work with. Rather than accept the split stone as waste, they would still use the split face for their building needs. Unlike fieldstone (Old New England Rounds or Wall), once split, fieldstone becomes unpredictably colorful. A product we call Split Fieldstone

CT Fieldstone

New England Fieldstone Mosaic Pattern

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Stone Veneer Installation & Technical Guide

5/9/18 11:27 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in natural stone education, Thinstone Veneer, Installation


One of the most common questions we receive is about thinstone installation and care. We considered putting together our own guide but as a member of Natural Stone Institute (formerly BSI) we have access to their guide... and it's pretty awesome. Instead of wasting our time on something they have already worked hard on, we have decided to share their guide. 

Thinstone Veneer Installation 

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Not All Natural Stone Veneer is Equal

2/10/18 7:52 AM / by DelgadoStone posted in natural stone education, natural stone resources


It comes as a surprise to many people but not all natural stone veneer is created equal. There are many factors to consider when making a decision on what stone veneer you’re going to work with for your next project. This article will provide some insight on what to consider as you go through the research and selection process.

Natural Stone Patio

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What is “Quality” Stone Veneer?

1/29/18 6:00 AM / by Mike Wolfe posted in natural stone education, Quality, Stone Veneer


As someone who loves data I couldn’t even begin to calculate the number of times someone has asked if we make “quality stone veneer”. As the Director of Operations, I can’t help but respond with, “the highest quality”. While I know our stone veneer is one of the best in the building materials industry but it’s up to the end user to decide if it’s “quality stone veneer” or not. Let me explain.

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